A Study in Partnership with Univision News

Understanding Hispanic News Viewership

A Study in Partnership with Univision

A Study in Partnership with Univision

In a world with more options than ever before for news, Univision sought to better understand the unique value they provide to the Hispanic community, as well as to the advertising partners that run alongside their news content.

The Study

In partnership with Univision, we developed a study inviting thousands of viewers to Lumiere to watch and rate clips of ads stitched into news and non-news content. This approach allowed us to measure the impact of the news environment on ads and advertising partners.


We also conducted in-depth interviews with fans of Univision, to learn a little more about their viewing habits, preferences, and their perspectives on advertisers who partner with Univision. They allowed us to get a richer picture of why the network – and its news content – has the ad impact it does.


Here are just a few of the things we learned…

Univision Tops the Competition

Univision remains the number 1 news choice for US Hispanic viewers. 

Ads Aren’t Typically Impacted by News Content

96% of viewers agree news (even negative news) doesn’t negatively impact how they see adjacent ads. 

Ad Association with News Has Benefits

55% of viewers feel brands are smart to associate themselves with news content. 

Univision Has a Unique Advantage for Brands

Compared to English-language news….

Viewers are 28% more likely to feel favorably towards brands advertised on Univision News


They are 16% more likely to want to watch or learn more about the brands advertised on Univision News

Want to get a better picture of your network’s brand halo? Or want to dive deeper into how audiences react to your content? Reach out to us!

More Case Studies

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