Streaming Service Futures
Which Services Are Most (and Least) Expendable? Streaming Services

Streaming Service Futures

Which Services Are Most (and Least) Expendable?

Which Services Are Most (and Least) Expendable?

As new and veteran streaming services continue to vie for subscribers, we decided to get a read on which services people are most likely to cut or keep, and why.

To do this, we asked viewers to share with us which streaming service they would drop first if they had to drop one, and which they would keep if they could only keep one. Here are some of the things we learned…

Streaming Services Are on the Chopping Block for Many

Close to 60% of the streaming service users we polled said it was at least somewhat likely they would eliminate one or more streaming services over the next few months.

Netflix is the Biggest Keeper by a Mile

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Netflix is still the clear winner when it comes to a last-streaming-service-standing match up. Although a little over 1 in 4 Netflix users (27%) said it would be the first service they’d drop, a much larger margin of users – almost 50% – said it would be the last one they’d keep if they could only keep one.

Amazon Prime Video is the Biggest Loser

More than 1 in 3 Amazon Prime Video users said it would be their first pick to go if they had to lose one streaming service, substantially more than any other streaming service.

Furthermore, when it comes to a service-by-service showdown of keep one vs. cut one, Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount+ are the only services that would stand to keep more subscribers than they’d lose. Conversely, Amazon, Peacock, and Apple TV+ stand to lose more than they’d keep by the largest margins.

Content is (Still) King

When we asked viewers why they selected their top contender for elimination, only a modest percentage of people (11%) were prioritizing by raw dollar amount. Most viewer’s choice of what to cut seemed more related to what the service offers than what it strictly costs.

People appear most willing to eliminate services that lack content they regularly watch, tend to enjoy, or would classify as favorites. And price relative to those metrics matters more than the price as such.

More Case Studies

Want to know even more about how each streaming service performed? Or have a different question about your content or streaming service? Reach out to us!

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