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Derry Girls

Derry Girls

In the wake of the streaming revolution, entertainment now crosses international borders in almost every direction. Given this trend, we’ve embarked on a series of studies to explore what makes content appealing to cross-cultural audiences, using the unique features of the Lumiere platform.

The Topic

We kicked off our exploration with a look at the sitcom Derry Girls, a joint production of Netflix and BBC Channel 4. It follows the antics of a group of teen girls as they navigate adolescence amid the politically charged and sometimes violent “troubles” in 1990s Northern Ireland.

The Study

Sampling 300+ US teens and adults, all of whom enjoy live-action comedy, we tested three scenes from the show to uncover which situations, jokes, characters, and character dynamics most appeal to a modern American audience, and why.

As participants watched, they used our on-screen emojis feature to indicate moments they particularly “Liked” (👍), or found themselves “Laughing” (😆)  at it. We also included a brief follow-up survey to gain a little more insight to what people enjoyed about this content.

Here are just a few things we learned about what makes comedy content travel far and well...

Confident Wrongness

Confident wrongness has strong cross-cultural appeal. 

Clip 1 depicts our teen gang debating the merits of partaking in edibles at a wake. It garnered a notable spike in “Likes” and “Laughs” when resident bad-girl Michelle incorrectly asserts…

A Surprise Appearance

An unexpected appearance can be great for a laugh.

Clip 2 finds the full cast of characters making their way out of Derry to avoid a particularly fraught political demonstration.

When they discover more than just suitcases in the “boot” of their car, their surprise stowaway’s appearance created an uptick in “Likes” and “Laughs” from viewers.

Old-fashioned Family Squabbles

Intergenerational family dynamics travel very well.

Clip 3 depicts the intergenerational conflict which is a staple of the show’s comedy as the girls prepare to attend a boy band concert in Belfast. Curmudgeonly Grandpa Joe protests this adventure until mother Mary finally shuts down his overblown bluster with a firm declaration, one that drew a notable spike in “Laughs” from our audience.

Indeed, our post-viewing survey found interactions among the intergenerational family to be one of the top reasons American viewers want to continue watching Derry Girls.

Who was an audience favorite, and why?

Want to know more about what people “Liked” or “Laughed” at in Derry Girls? Or what they might enjoy most about your content? Reach out to us!

More Case Studies

Get in touch to find out more and discover how Lumiere can help you build stronger, deeper connections with your audience.

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