A Study in Partnership with Hulu Digital Ads

Advertising & Digital Fluency

A Study in Partnership with Hulu

A Study in Partnership with Hulu

Given the outdated digital native/digital immigrant model, how could Hulu gain a more nuanced understanding of modern audiences’ relationships to technology? And what does this more detailed model mean for how brands digitally connect with audiences?

The Study

In partnership with Hulu, we used a multi-step approach to develop this new model which included:

  • A qualitative inquiry to explore behaviors and attitudes towards technology, media, and brands

  • An interactive activity in Lumiere, using video as a proxy to explore people's digital identity

  • A scalable quantitative survey to understand how brands can best activate across the spectrum of digital fluency. 

We then performed a formal segmentation on this data, to arrive at a new model for digital fluency.

Here are just a few of the things we learned…

6 Segments Uncovered

We uncovered 6 major types (or segments) of digital fluency among audiences. 


Ad Appeal Leans Toward the Digitally Fluent

Segments with a ‘higher’ or more engaged level of digital fluency were more accepting of ads as a part of their viewing experience, and showed greater willingness to be entertained by ads.


Keep It Simple for Less Fluent Segments

Segments with a lower level of digital fluency prefer brand messages that are direct, clear, and concise. They want the information without the frills. 


Different Ad Types Appeal to Different Segments

Distinct segments also have distinct preferences for different digital ad formats, including interactive ads, in-ad purchasing features, and the option to select one long ad break (vs. several smaller ones). 


Want more insight into how your ads or ad formats ought to be targeted? Or want to learn something unexpected about how audiences react to your content? Reach out to us!

More Case Studies

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