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Welcome to Lumiere™

Our proprietary video content testing platform is as comfortable, familiar, and easy to navigate as today’s most popular streaming subscription services, but that’s just the beginning. We’ve embedded powerful research tools inside the platform, allowing us to not only capture data on how viewers navigate, select and view content, but also to solicit specific reactions, feedback and insights as they are doing so. By weaving together behavioral and attitudinal data streams, we are setting new standards for excellence in how video content research gets done.

Powerful yet flexible: here’s how Lumiere™ technology works

• Viewers explore, select, and react to any form of content in an environment that mirrors how they watch in the real world.

• Key aspects of navigation and engagement are captured, so your data stream and our analysis on content begins before a single “question” is even asked.

• Inside selected video(s), viewers provide feedback through a variety intuitive, unobtrusive features that you select such as one-touch response, emoji expressions, and open-ended or social comment buttons to name only a few.

• Lumiere™ is flexible and can effectively test a single video or be expanded to replicate an entire network, viewing options or SVOD platform.

• Combining data from Lumiere™ with advanced analytic techniques and tools such as natural language processing leads to powerful insights about your content, are delivered through easy-to-understand reports, compelling data visualizations, and data portals.

Program Evaluation:

Whether you’re testing long-form or short-form content, one video or many, Lumiere™ offers the most natural viewing experience possible.

• Promo and movie trailer testing
• Episode and Series evaluation
• Program element optimization

Advertising and Branded Content:

Lumiere™ lets you see how viewers react in-the-moment to your advertising or branded content within the context of how your message is actually delivered

• Individual spot or campaign analysis
• Seamless integration with traditional measurement
• Deep dive content evaluation

Strategy and Audience Insights:

Lumiere™ brings insights into focus by letting you uncover the deep emotional connections viewers have to virtually any type of video content

• Character and genre preference modeling
• Visual segmentation and trend analysis
• Video-based issues exploration

More audience feedback, more often, for more successful content

Lumière® lets you collect (and analyze) in-the-moment qualitative, quantitative, and behavioral data on your content through interactive video activities. Want to know how audiences think and feel about your content – and how to make it even more engaging? Now you can: with any video, any audience, on any device, at any time.

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