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Latitude On Demand

Lumière® and our full-service research, packaged together for knowledge whenever you need

More powerful video insights, combining your knowledge and ours

When you have an ad-hoc question – about a program, promo, ad, or some other video – there’s no quicker, more powerful way to answer it than through Lumière®. But you also have a regular cadence of work that requires outside help. Our On Demand packages let you accomplish more with your in-house teams while letting us focus on running your larger projects. We think this is a great way to engage with Latitude if you’re doing any of the following video-focused research with regularity:

  • Pilot and program testing
  • Promo and trailer evaluation
  • Series health tracking
  • Advertising and sponsorship diagnostics

Launch fast, learn fast, and do it often

Our On Demand packages are negotiated on a client-by-client basis, but the pieces are pretty simple. Every package comes with access to Lumière® for at least one year, with our full-service work scoped and planned up front around the following key points:

  • Project type(s) and number
  • Sampling details
  • Project cadence (e.g., number per quarter)
  • Reporting needs

What does this mean in practice? With all the details worked out in advance, we’ll be ready to launch as soon as you are, with findings not too far behind. And when you don’t need us, you can use Lumière as much as you’d like.