Many of us here at Latitude counted down the days until the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Rather than simply sharing our theories and high hopes for the film around the office, we decided to enlist the help of true Star Wars experts. Around the same time that many major publications began dedicated preview coverage of the upcoming film, we rolled out our new Conversations feature of Lumière, which allows participants to interact with each other via comments on any video they’re viewing. We asked Star Wars fans of the Internet to watch a mix of official and fan-created trailers for The Force Awakens, and share their theories and what they’re most excited to see in the film in comments using Conversations mode.*


We ran all 117 comments through IBM’s cool text analysis tool, AlchemyAPI, and did a bit of analysis on our own to pull out the biggest themes.

What drove the most excitement for The Force Awakens

  • Luke Skywalker Has Luke been seduced by the Dark Side? Or is he another reclusive Obi-Wan?
  • Rey Is she Kylo Ren’s sister? Is she going to guide Luke away from the Dark Side?
  • Han Solo Will he lead a group of Jedis against Luke? …Does he die?
  • Kylo Ren Is he related to Rey? What is he doing with Darth Vader?
  • Darth Vader Who is behind the mask? Is Luke going to continue in his path? What did Vader instigate that Kylo Ren believes is so important to finish?

Straight from the fans: a compilation of the most thought-provoking and enthusiastic entries

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