USA TODAY recently released the results of Today’s Connected Traveler, a thought leadership study conducted in partnership with Latitude. The study provides a look into travelers’ motivations and preferences for following news across multiple platforms and in various life contexts, finding that print newspapers are still a cornerstone for today’s travelers. The research also highlighted the unique value of print when combined with digital platforms, and offered related opportunities and best practices for advertisers.

The study included a quantitative online survey with 1,631 business and leisure travelers, a qual/quant hybrid panel of 100 travelers who generated ideas for new and innovative news offerings, and in-depth interviews with a subset of participants. Latitude also created an Insight Reel™—a professionally produced mini-documentary—melding quantitative insights with interview footage to bring opportunities to life.

“The hybrid techniques used in this research allowed us to uncover a rich and holistic story about the role of news when people travel; we found that news content (particularly USA TODAY) gives travelers a sense of community and connection, and even luxury while they’re on the road. In a multi-platform environment, each format has the potential to contribute to this in a unique and highly relevant way.”

News is Critical for Feeling Connected

  • 1 in 2 follow news more when traveling compared to when at home
  • 86% of all travelers read a newspaper while travelling
  • 77% say that news help them stay in the loop so they don’t feel disconnected from what’s going on
  • 62% say that news connects them to issues and people across the country

In Today’s Multi-Platform World, Print is Still Popular

  • 87% of regular smartphone or tablet users still appreciate the convenience of the print version at a hotel
  • 77% said they prefer to have a complimentary paper delivered to their room
  • 85% of hotel guests read USA TODAY at some point during their hotel stay

“Consumer insights about travelers are essential to how we produce content, how we work with our partners and to how we provide media and marketing solutions for marketers. USA TODAY has been an essential part of the travel experience for almost 30 years now. The on-the-go, connected traveler is a valuable and hard to reach consumer and we are pleased that this study can provide some unique insights into how they consume news and information in this vast media landscape. More than ever, travelers want news delivered to them exactly when and how they want it, wherever they are in their travels,” said Sandra Micek, senior vice president of marketing for USA TODAY.

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