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Viewer Experience

Increasingly, viewer experience is impacted by decisions on how content is curated, accessed, explored, and personalized.

Looking to enhance viewer experience and how your content is delivered?

Our research maps the viewer experience revealing the best strategies for addressing the specific needs and preferences of audience members.  And we do it within the context of the platforms and technology actually used to deliver your content.

See things from a whole new perspective

Using Lumiere Labs™ we create realistic, natural and familiar viewing environments to gather more precise and insightful information about what viewers think and how they behave in the real world. 

Our clients are leading innovation and challenging the status quo:


Here’s how we typically get involved:

  • Web and App UX/UI evaluation
  • Viewer search and navigation
  • Content mapping and curation
  • Emerging content platform exploration
  • Viewer segmentation and preference modeling