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Case Study

What’s new in Hispanic news? 

The Context
Globalization and advances in technology have facilitated the exchange of people, information, and creativity internationally. These shifts have ushered in a new era of distributed content production and have bolstered the importance of Spanish-language content in the United States. Within this culturally and linguistically diverse context, Univision is the country’s largest provider of news in Spanish and a leader in the American Hispanic community.
Our Study Designs
We’ve designed our projects with Univision to reveal audience growth opportunities and provide a unified perspective on the Hispanic news viewer, both nationally and locally. The studies have combined larger-scale video assessment and deep-dive interviews to assess viewer attitudes, opinions, and motivations.
As a first step, we evaluated the (positive) impact of Univision on advertising partners by inviting several thousand participants to react on our viewing feedback platform Lumière, and rate ads stitched into news content and non-news content. We then sat down with Univision News fans for in-depth, filmed conversations about their relationship with the Network. Combined with the quantitative viewing data, our discussions uncovered key viewer preferences, drivers, and consumption habits, as well as crucial information about their perception of supporting brands.
Insights and Outcomes
Our ongoing partnership with Univision continues to uncover and highlight the multi-dimensional value of the brand for both the Hispanic community and its supporting advertisers.
Notably, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic participants have reported increases in their news consumption over the last year, with the former group relying on Univision for enrichment and relaxation. Hispanic viewers feel that Univision’s Spanish broadcasts connect them personally and culturally to the content and the accompanying advertisements, and they prefer Univision’s format – and the attitudes of its anchors – over other networks, with coverage of natural disasters, immigration, and international news especially strong. Ultimately, our work has distinguished Univision as the go-to network for Hispanic viewers and for savvy advertisers.