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Case Study

Who are today’s app addicts and what makes them use (or lose) an app?

Case Study: MTV: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Adoption, Abandonment, and the App-Addled Consumer

Areas of Focus

  • The current app landscape (games, productivity, social, etc.), and most promising categories for app creation
  • Motivations for app usage and apps’ roles in our lives


Teens & Adults Component:

  • Initial qualitative interviews with teens and adults
  • Mobile app deprivation activity: regular app users were asked to go app-free for 3 days
  • Quantitative survey amongst more than more than 1,000 app-engaged smartphone owners

Kids Component:

  • Web-conferenced interviews with children and their parents
  • Online quantitative survey with kids


  • Best practices for both app development (including network-branded apps) and marketing
  • Stages in the lifecycle of an app (discovery, adoption, trial, and abandonment/long-term use) with recommendations for marketers by category
  • Strategic recommendations for free vs. paid apps, users’ in-app advertising tolerance, and more
  • Select press placements and conference appearances: OMMA Mobile conference, MSN, Yahoo! News, CNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal