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Case Study

How can a high-profile product launch with its strongest foot forward?

Case study: Bloomberg Government Usability & Content Strategy

We undertook a UX study that ultimately tightened the definition of user personas, identified key features and lead to the launch of a successful web product.

Areas of Focus

  • Expected vs. delivered benefits for key user types
  • UI and navigation clarity
  • Content impact (functional utility of data and news delivered through product)
  • Pre-launch optimizations


  • In-depth interviews with key beta users and product team members
  • In-person usability interviews to understand:
    • How users naturally use and navigate the product, and the benefits and hurdles they encounter in normal usage
    • How they complete critical, user type-specific tasks, including those outside their normal usage contexts
    • How the product can evolve to become even more critical over the long term



  • Tightened definition of user personas (not just who they are and why they should benefit from the product, but how they currently use it – and would like to in the future)
  • Identification of key information features that appealed strongly across user personas, those that played particularly well among specific users, and those in need of optimization
  • Recommended UI and content hierarchy changes to make core content more easily discoverable
  • Strategic recommendations for content production to maximize product impact to legislative staff, lobbyists, investors, and other key user groups