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Case Study

How does “the media” portray the complexities of womanhood?

Case Study: Refinery29: Her Brain on Digital 3.0

Areas of Focus

  • How paths and decision-making around womanhood and motherhood are changing
  • What women want from the media they see
  • Who women look to as role models in the media


  • Creative quantitative survey with women in the US and UK
  • Media reactions activity in Lumière: women in the US and UK watched a selection of videos from TV shows and movies and answered a series of follow-up questions reacting to their efficacy in portraying womanhood and motherhood


  • Developed an intimate understanding of the paths to womanhood and motherhood across many life contexts for mothers and non-mothers today
  • Identified role models and narratives women feel are representative in the media
  • Refinery29 branded insights microsite