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Case Study

Four ways to increase engagement as a live event sponsor

Watching the hottest shows, sports games, or musical performances on your own time has never been easier. Yet – whether it’s the thrill of real time interaction on social channels, or the fun of viewing parties with friends, the popularity of watching – and attending – live content is growing.

With this trend comes opportunities for impactful sponsorship and deepened engagement. Partnerships on live TV can elevate brands and refine reputations – if they’re done right. At Latitude, we do a lot of live event research, and we’re spilling the beans on some of what we’ve learned.


Anticipation = Engagement

The scarcity heuristic tells us that things limited in quantity are perceived to have greater value. This applies not only to material goods, but also to visual experiences: the fact that live events only air once naturally results in a lot of hype around a short block of time. This exclusivity generates buzz and is one reason why live event partnerships are a big deal. To take advantage of viewer excitement, offer to sponsor pre-show bonuses, like sneak peaks at offstage preparation or prediction contests. These value-added extras boost anticipation for the event and keep your logo fresh in viewers’ minds.


FOMO = Engagement

Notable live broadcasts spark viewing parties that elevate these shows from run-of-the-mill programs, to much-anticipated events. Missing out on these get-togethers and the surprises of a live performance is a recipe for FOMO. Plus, skipping means viewers can’t contribute to active conversations on social media (say goodbye to extra likes on event-themed posts). The importance of this “can’t miss” label is not to be understated: it guarantees serious exposure, and social media chatter.


Surprise = Engagement

From shocking red-carpet outfits, to artists forgetting their lyrics, anything can happen on live TV. And while that might scare producers, it keeps viewers enthralled. Through our own research, we’ve heard over and over words like “innovative” and “surprise,” and phrases like, “it’s not the same old stuff.” This sense of spontaneity distinguishes live content, attracting viewers who are excited about watching and applaud the unpredictable. In other words, they’re really paying attention.


Social = Engagement

Social media is the conversation space for live events. More than 70% of the US population uses a second screen while watching TV, according to an eMarketer study, and viewers are quick to respond on the digital as action unfolds. Taking part in this chatter can boost your visibility, and make for memorable ads, just like Geico’s hilarious spot that aired during the 2018 World Cup. Plus, you have a long window for exposure: viewers are tuned in before the preshow starts and thinking about what they’ve watched long after the program ends.