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Case Study

What is fandom, brandom and how can Comedy Central and partners reach millennial fans?

Case Study: Millennials in the New Era of Fandom

Areas of Focus

  • Understanding fandom, what makes a millennial fan and how their mindsets towards brands are changing
  • Who the valuable brand fans and influencers are, and how brands can reach them
  • Credibility: how millennials vet content, brands and friends and what makes something worth sharing
  • How Comedy Central and partners attract millennial fans


  • Online ethnographic panel and follow-up in-depth-interviews with select participants
  • Longitudinal, lead influencer “Friend & Follow” activities with friend groups for a 3-week period
  • Large-scale quant survey and spin-off survey amongst participants’ friends to offer an “outside in” perspective on their levels and areas of influence
  • Immersive, filmed, in-person ethnographies culminating in an Insight Reel study documentary


  • Insight Reel study documentary which dissected the complicated road to millennial fandom and explored the unique ways Comedy Central fans engage with Comedy Central (and other) content
  • Identified a type of lead influencers, “Credible Catalysts,” demonstrated that Comedy Central over-indexes on the key segment
  • Established best practices for brands and advertisers across industries to tap into the group