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Case Study

How can Revolt TV debunk Millennial myths and uncover Millennial reality?

Case Study: The Road to Truth

We worked to debunk myths about the millennial generation, informing messaging strategy and reinforcing REVOLT TV’s role as experts on the sought after demographic.

Areas of Focus

  • Timeless themes of being young
  • Timely expressions of youth themes based on Millennial generation context
  • A granular sense of today’s youth experience


  • Initial lit review of clichés about Millennial generation
  • Large-scale, creative quantitative survey
  • Included “myth-busting” method: presenting participants with “Millennial” myths and having them present pivoting truths


  • “Marketing to Millennials” infographic playbook
  • Formal press release
  • Client presentations at CES 2014 and Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015 and keynote at Digital PR Summit 2015