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Case Study

What does the future hold for video and TV?

Case Study: Future of Video with Discovery Communications and ZenithOptimedia

This study took an expansive look at the future of video and TV, gauging viewers’ interest and momentum for current and future video-related offerings.

Areas of Focus

  • How do social connections and influencers impact the path to video discovery and engagement?
  • In a multi-screen environment, which different forms of interaction do viewers expect?
  • As new technologies for deeper immersion and engagement (360 video, VR, AR, etc.) continue to develop, what new types of experiences do audiences expect and crave?


  • Integration of multiple data sources (key trends related to the future of video, including several case studies and examples)
  • Exploratory filmed interviews with thought leaders and early adopters in the video and content space focused on future possibilities for video
  • Quantitative survey exploring current & ideal video landscapes, generational nuances of video usage, video consumer personas and best practices for content
  • Online video activity in Lumière® in which 300 participants reacted to a reel of key insights from thought leader interviews, as well as additional video (including some examples of “future” video content)


  • Video trends forecast
  • Gauged interest and momentum for current and future video offerings – as well as viewers’ psychology around wants and needs in relation to platforms and formats
  • Plotted viewer-generated behaviors and expectations for future video experiences across a timeline