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Case Study

How is multi-screening affecting content engagement and advertising recall?

Case Study: Bravo: Deconstructing the Multi-Screener

Areas of Focus

  • How are key segments “multi-screening”?
  • How does the introduction of new screens to the TV viewing experience affect content engagement and advertising recall?
  • How can marketers create engaging experiences in a multi-screen environment?


  • Living room labs in multiple markets: over 100 people viewed Bravo content in a living room setting with their typical second screens
  • Large-scale, creative quantitative survey
  • Filmed in-person ethnographies + Insight Reel documentary


  • Captured new media metrics including attention shifts and device checks and pullbacks,
  • Provided insights for marketers including how to optimize messaging in a multi-screen viewing environment
  • Bravo branded insights microsite
  • Latitude + client presentation at ARF Re:think Plus 2013 and Context Conference 2013