As part of our KIDS initiative, we recently conducted a Latitude Labs Workshop on the future of computing. We invited a group of kids to Latitude HQ to get their ideas for future technologies and the kinds of interactions they’d like to have going forward.

The kids naturally gravitated towards conversations about digital content and new kinds of storytelling experiences—not to mention, robots, which tied in nicely with the findings from our most recent KIDS study, Children’s Future Requests for Computers and the Internet.

What is the Future of Storytelling?

Kids’ requests for future storytelling included:

  • “Choose your own adventure” movies
  • Ability to become a character in a movie or game
  • To interact with characters
  • Bring the character out of the screen, into your world
  • Touch what’s in the screen
  • Real or 3D projected environments (e.g., bringing the story-world into the real world)

Through the Looking Glass from latddotcom on Vimeo.


Robot-related requests included:

  • Telepathic control
  • Anthropomorphized responses (communicates using and responds to speech and body language cues)
  • Simulator-based control (e.g., “body mirroring”)
  • Heat sensors (to better sense and respond to human presences)
  • “Human” skills and refined motor control (e.g., to help with daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, etc.)
  • High intelligence for both social companionship and to help with learning (e.g., to be like a friend, help with homework, etc.)

Robots R’ Us from latddotcom on Vimeo.