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Our Cross-Platform Approach

Latitude provides the conceptual framework and measurement tools that allow media companies to:

  • Build a holistic view of overall cross-platform campaign success
  • Highlight the unique value and complementary benefits provided by each individual platform (TV, online, mobile, etc.)
  • Measure the incremental value of adding multiple screens to a cross-platform campaign

Latitude’s approach to illuminating the value of individual platforms goes beyond simply measuring the impact on brand metrics; it defines the role of each platform in the context of the overall campaign through qualitative/quantitative hybrid techniques and user experience-oriented research methods.

3 Insights from Latitude

  1. Traditional media still matters. While digital certainly does drive engagement, TV and print still have an important role in cross-platform campaigns—especially insofar as they provide a sense of “cohesiveness” to campaigns that rely on digital screens as well. In these cases, TV & print ads give audiences a conceptual “jumping off” point for experiencing a brand’s overall cross-platform campaign.
  2. For digital/mobile, 1+1=3. Incremental value derived from combining digital/mobile with TV is not just “additive”: when the audience is exposed across all screens, the impact on brand metrics is often amplified beyond what would be expected from a normal increase in brand exposure.
  3. Get personal with mobile. Mobile is more than just an add-on. Mobile has unique strengths—it’s the most personal of all devices, and can add in-the-moment relevance to large and small campaigns. When a campaign involves driving people across platforms for more information (e.g., from TV to mobile/online), the content that users are being directed to has to offer more than just information about the brand; it should create meaningful experiences, functional value, or entertaining content—largely through being personalized—that provide a “service” to potential consumers.

Andy Wiltshire is Lead Strategist at Latitude. He heads up Latitude’s quantitative research, data management, and metrics development teams. Andy also specializes in cross-media campaign studies, in which he helps to provide clients with strategic direction around advertising and multi-platform campaign effectiveness—he has worked extensively with clients like MTV Networks and ESPN. Andy is also interested in digital connectedness around interactions with natural environments & sports media.