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Where are audience values, preferences, and behaviors trending, and how can you stay a few steps ahead?

Your audiences are more sophisticated, more self-reliant, and more in control.

With audiences increasingly moving to digital channels, it’s easier than ever to measure what they’re doing in relation to all sorts of content. But what isn’t enough. As viewers take greater control over their media choices, it’s critical to understand why – the interests, motivations, preferences, expectations, and benefits guiding their behaviors – and build your content and strategies accordingly.

Meet them where they are now, but start moving toward where they're going to be.

Our deep expertise in ethnographic, projective, and large-scale quantitative methods means that we can provide you with extremely detailed insights into your audiences – their broader life contexts and values, their media preferences and behaviors, and importantly, their emerging behaviors, wants, and expectations. We’ll show you how to reach and engage your audiences most powerfully, now and in the future.

We've helped the following companies know their audiences a whole lot better:


How we typically get involved:

  • Audience segmentation and sizing
  • Media pathway mapping (platforms & channels)
  • Opportunity development
  • Marketing/communications strategy
  • Programming & audience development strategy
  • Thought leadership: emerging trends in preferences and behaviors