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In an increasingly competitive, fragmented media environment, how can your content stand out and make a bigger impact?

A great media strategy flows from great content.

Through a combination of creative research and deep video diagnostics in Lumière, we can provide a nuanced view into how different audiences are engaging with your videos (and how they’d like to), what, specifically, is driving those reactions, and how you can optimize your content for even more powerful results. Even better, our generative techniques can deliver entirely new concepts that your viewers will love.

We'll help you put your best (creative) foot forward.

At the core, you’re in the business of telling compelling stories, regardless of where they’re told. While audience time and attention is spread increasingly thin these days, good, unique stories still get noticed amid the clutter. We can help make sure that your plot lines, characters, messaging, and more are hitting the mark as strongly as possible – and truly standing out from the competition.

We've helped numerous brands diagnose and improve their video and digital content, including:


How we typically get involved:

  • Program testing
  • Promo optimization
  • Advertising creative diagnostics (linear and digital spots)
  • Cross-platform advertising effectiveness
  • Product placement and sponsorship evaluation
  • Network brand/positioning testing