Our Work with Kids

Over the past few years, Latitude has taken a unique stance when it comes to children and technology: young people shouldn’t be merely passive recipients of media and technology, as they’re often thought to be—rather, they should be active participants in imagining and creating the future of the Web. Why? Because “digital natives” have a more intuitive relationship with new technologies than many adults have, and because they have different expectations about technology. They instinctively expect it to respond to them in very human-like ways—to motivate and empower them, often serving as a sort of companion, rather than merely a tool for solving specific problems. While many adults think about technology as separate from humanness, kids tend to think of it as fundamentally human.

For these reasons, we at Latitude believe that kids can be valuable contributors when it comes to thinking about possible futures for technology. Over the past few years, we’ve conducted several open innovation studies with children across 6 continents for the purposes of asking young people these important questions: Where should the Web take us? How can technology help us learn, play, and live better?

The Book: KIDS Vision

Recently, Latitude took its first step into book publishing, producing a colorful compilation of the ideas we’ve collected from children over time about the future of technology. These ideas were imagined and illustrated by 549 kid innovators from around the world.

The book features concepts ranging from humanoid robots that offer homework help, to solar-powered laptops, to teleportation devices. KIDS Vision also includes brief commentary from a few bright thinkers on the subjects of play-based learning, technology as a gateway to creativity, and the connective power of technology.

KIDS Vision is now for sale in hard copy and e-version (PDF). If you’re interested in purchasing please email info@latd.com, specifying the version you’d like from the list below.


Latitude will donate 15% of all e-book proceeds to One Laptop per Child.

    • Hard Copy: $15Product Details

      Paperback: 62 pages

      Publisher: Latitude

      Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 0.2 inches

      Shipping Weight: 7.6 ounces

    • E-Version: $5Product Details

      PDF: 62 pages

      Publisher: Latitude

    • Package: $18Product Details

      Package includes one hard copy paperback and one PDF download.

KIDS Vision: Imagining Possible Futures for Technology Sample

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