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Video of Study Findings: Where Else Will Kids Think to Put the Web in the World?

Latitude and ReadWriteWeb recently published a 2-part results series on our open innovation study, “Children’s ‘Future Requests’ for Computers and the Internet,” which asked kids 6-12 years of age to ideate future Web technology concepts. Latitude created this video to sum up the study’s key findings and big pathways for research, innovation, and the future

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Father and Daughter in Toy Store --- Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis


Video from Latitude Labs: Kids on Immersive Storytelling & Robots

As part of our KIDS initiative, we recently conducted a Latitude Labs Workshop on the future of computing. We invited a group of kids to Latitude HQ to get their ideas for future technologies and the kinds of interactions they’d like to have going forward. The kids naturally gravitated towards conversations about digital content and

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What do tablets mean for our everyday lives?

In September 2011, and Starcom MediaVest partnered with Latitude on a thought leadership study to explore the role of tablets in people’s lives and in their changing interactions with the news. Overall, we found that tablets aren’t just convenient replacements for our existing behaviors with laptops and smartphones; instead, they’re opening up new possibilities

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