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Latitude - Trash to Treasure - Infographic

Infographic: Kids’ Tech-Driven Solutions for a More Sustainable World

Over the course of 2011-2012, Latitude conducted an innovation study, Trash to Treasure, asking more than 250 kid-innovators (ages 8-13) from across the world to illustrate their answers to this question: “How can technology help us solve our growing trash and pollution problems?” What did they come up with? Everything from water-powered cars to trash-eating

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Deconstructing the Multi-Screener: a Bravo Study with Latitude

Bravo recently released the results of Deconstructing the Multi-Screener, a multi-phase thought leadership study conducted in partnership with Latitude. The growing adoption of mobile devices is increasing people’s tendencies to multi-task across life situations—which has included using second (and sometimes even third) screens while watching TV. To shed light on this phenomenon and its implications

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Data Viz

Are Tech-Savvy Countries Happier?

This article is also available on ReadWrite. In the developed world, even the most passionate technology proponents sometimes find themselves wondering if being constantly “plugged in” means leading a less fulfilling existence. The verdict is still out on that one, but a more macrocosmic look at the intersection of happiness and technology across the world

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What Shoppers Want: Study Investigates Opportunities for Mobile-Enhanced Retail

Download the study report for Next-Gen Retail: Mobile & Beyond. Mobile information is reinventing shopping, both in-store and online. Recently, in anticipation of the holiday season, Google plotted indoor maps for thousands of retail locations worldwide to ease the frustration of navigating physical stores, while FaceCake’s Swivel technology is aiming to bypass the hassle of

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Watching It My Way: Multiscreen Viewers Want It All: a Discovery Communications Study with Latitude

Discovery and MediaVest came to us with a unique opportunity to explore changing media behaviors, and to help them better understand how to identify and target key audiences in new and meaningful ways through both content and advertising. To address this, we designed a comprehensive quantitative Thought Leader study and took a multi-faceted approach to

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Today’s Connected Traveler: a USA TODAY Study with Latitude

USA TODAY recently released the results of Today’s Connected Traveler, a thought leadership study conducted in partnership with Latitude. The study provides a look into travelers’ motivations and preferences for following news across multiple platforms and in various life contexts, finding that print newspapers are still a cornerstone for today’s travelers. The research also highlighted

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