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4. Starbucks Blakescup

Ogilvy Award: Brewing Up Multiplatform Insights

Latitude is pleased to be a recipient of a 2015 Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising Research for joint 360° campaign effectiveness research done with NBCU on behalf of the client Starbucks. Objectives The campaign sought to achieve multiple effectiveness goals by harnessing the power of a larger entertainment sponsor to shift consumer perceptions and elevate brand differentiation

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The Purchase Loop: an Study with Latitude

Recently, we partnered with on a thought leadership study, The Purchase Loop, which sought to debunk the traditional idea of a linear purchase path, and re-draw it to reflect modern consumers’ behaviors more accurately. Due to the growing accessibility of web and mobile information, shoppers no longer follow a predictable journey from discovery to

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The Future of Storytelling is Here: Latitude Study Decodes What Audiences Want

Press Release Original Source: Storytelling is as old as mankind, but technology is expanding the possibilities for how stories are told; stories are becoming more interactive, more immersive, and spread across more platforms. A new innovation study by Latitude, The Future of Storytelling, identifies key audience targets and specific concepts for next-generation content experiences.

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Study: Latitude Gets Up Close and Personal with Game of Thrones Fans

Press release source here. A new study by Latitude uses candid, self-recorded video from Game of Thrones fans enhanced by social commentary to understand how they connect to the complex characters in the unique series, yielding strategic opportunities for a variety of content creators, networks and brands. Boston, MA: Earlier this summer, Game of Thrones

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Press Release: Getting with the Program study with Viacom

Multi-screen Viewership Boosts TV Fandom and Loyalty, According to Viacom’s “Getting With the Program: TV’s Funnels, Paths and Hurdles” New Research Explores How Audiences Discover, Trial and Watch TV Shows NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA) today unveiled the results of “Getting With the Program: TV’s Funnels, Paths and Hurdles,” a new study exploring

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Press Release: Power of the News Mindset with NBCUniversal

Watching television news primes consumers for decision making and action Industry-wide studies unveiled today by NBCUniversal probes mindset of consumers as they engage with TV news (PR NewsChannel) / May 5, 2014 / NEW YORK Consumers watching television news content have a greater ability to process advertisements than they do while watching other programming. Findings

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