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Research Freelancer

Latitude, a forward-thinking research firm located outside of Boston, is searching for someone with strong quant/formal reasoning aptitude to help our analyst team with research related day-to-day tasks. The core areas of responsibility will be: Project Quality Assurance – Number checking, data cleaning, survey testing Data manipulation – charting, creating tables Analyst Support Persona: Detail

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4. Starbucks Blakescup


Ogilvy Award: Brewing Up Multiplatform Insights

Latitude is pleased to be a recipient of a 2015 Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising Research for joint 360° campaign effectiveness research done with NBCU on behalf of the client Starbucks. Objectives The campaign sought to achieve multiple effectiveness goals by harnessing the power of a larger entertainment sponsor to shift consumer perceptions and elevate brand differentiation

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Sessy w iPad


Kidgenuity: What We Can Learn from Kids Inventing Future Technology (Slides from RWW’s 2WAY Summit)

Yesterday, Latitude’s founder and president, Steve Mushkin, presented on Kidgenuity: What We Can Learn from Kids Inventing Future Technology at ReadWriteWeb’s 2WAY Summit, alongside Vanessa Van Petten, founder of Radical Parenting, and Andrés Monroy-Hernández, lead researcher and designer of MIT’s Scratch online community. The session was moderated by Audrey Watters, writer for ReadWriteWeb and NPR’s

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Latitude - Trash to Treasure - Infographic

Data Viz

Infographic: Kids’ Tech-Driven Solutions for a More Sustainable World

Over the course of 2011-2012, Latitude conducted an innovation study, Trash to Treasure, asking more than 250 kid-innovators (ages 8-13) from across the world to illustrate their answers to this question: “How can technology help us solve our growing trash and pollution problems?” What did they come up with? Everything from water-powered cars to trash-eating

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Side view of young woman sitting on ball chair using laptop


How to Design Surveys for Humans

This post was written by Neil Basu, a Latitude alum.  Online surveys continue to be an inexpensive and efficient tool for collecting data. However, increasingly companies struggle with data quality issues and concerns about the accuracy of self-reported data. Even still, surveys remain an essential tool for understanding different audiences at scale. How, then, to

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