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Ogilvy Award: Brewing Up Multiplatform Insights

Latitude is pleased to be a recipient of a 2015 Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising Research for joint 360° campaign effectiveness research done with NBCU on behalf of the client Starbucks. Objectives The campaign sought to achieve multiple effectiveness goals by harnessing the power of a larger entertainment sponsor to shift consumer perceptions and elevate brand differentiation

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Kidgenuity: What We Can Learn from Kids Inventing Future Technology (Slides from RWW’s 2WAY Summit)

Yesterday, Latitude’s founder and president, Steve Mushkin, presented on Kidgenuity: What We Can Learn from Kids Inventing Future Technology at ReadWriteWeb’s 2WAY Summit, alongside Vanessa Van Petten, founder of Radical Parenting, and Andrés Monroy-Hernández, lead researcher and designer of MIT’s Scratch online community. The session was moderated by Audrey Watters, writer for ReadWriteWeb and NPR’s

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Latitude - Trash to Treasure - Infographic

Data Viz

Infographic: Kids’ Tech-Driven Solutions for a More Sustainable World

Over the course of 2011-2012, Latitude conducted an innovation study, Trash to Treasure, asking more than 250 kid-innovators (ages 8-13) from across the world to illustrate their answers to this question: “How can technology help us solve our growing trash and pollution problems?” What did they come up with? Everything from water-powered cars to trash-eating

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How to Design Surveys for Humans

This post was written by Neil Basu, a Latitude alum.  Online surveys continue to be an inexpensive and efficient tool for collecting data. However, increasingly companies struggle with data quality issues and concerns about the accuracy of self-reported data. Even still, surveys remain an essential tool for understanding different audiences at scale. How, then, to

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Future of Storytelling Expert Series: Transmedia Best Practices from Filmmaker Sean Hood

Recently, Latitude launched an innovation study on The Future of Storytelling. Why? So we can uncover the questions, challenges, and aspirations of tomorrow’s storytellers and identify how they can better align with audience’s changing expectations. Every week for the next several weeks, Latitude will share its conversation with a different influential individual. We’ll follow the

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